New Zealand Roads

How they make them:
1. Find a dirt path people have been driving on for a long time
2. Decide to “seal” it
3. Seal = pour stones (anything smaller than your thumb / not rocks those are bigger than your thumb) over the dirt and then spay tar on top.

The result of this is a bumpy, grippy, cheap ass surface that’s noisy to drive on and painful to run on. I never thought I would say this but I miss the USA’s asphalt.

Krave – lemon garlic turkey jerky

For me, far too sweet. Sweet turkey, seems wrong unless I’m putting sweet potato mash on my salty turkey. But I wasn’t, and I’d almost beg them to try again without any sugar (hell, I’d love a sugar free line for all their jerky).



My life in Wine

Huntaway a great table wine for the price. By far a favourite.

Not a bad table wine at all. Well balanced and not overly sweet.

Dangerously easy and light drinking. A summer wine for when you need to drink a lot without getting too tipsy.

We love their Syrah, but this wine was excessively sweet, more of a Riesling than a Pino Gris. We won’t be drinking this again. 20140118-100923.jpg

A nice wine, good body and happy to drink anytime. Medium all around. 20140118-100855.jpg

For the record this is one nights worth of drinking in NZ. Three people, five bottles. It’s a good life.

Merry Christmas from NZ

I can’t lie, my girlfriend is pretty darn amazing.  It hasn’t felt like Christmas here, in large part because it’s Summer and there are few to no Christmas trees to be had.   We even went to the Christmas parade that I blogged about last year; to my delight they still had the Smurf’s 2 movie float :).  Yeah, it’s really Christmasy here.  

But then I went to Auckland for three days; ah beautiful Auckland where everyone there tells you how much better it is than Wellington.  Bollocks, two out of the three days, Wellington had nicer weather and the third day was a tie.  Anyway, much to my delight I flew home to see CDR and this is what I walked into:



Our own little NZ Christmas tree!   But she did more to make it feel like Christmas and while this may seem silly to others, it’s wonderful to me.



And our very own Reindeer!



Thanks babe for bringing Christmas to our home!

Misogynist, me?

So I got inspired to blog again, mainly because I wanted to share my thoughts on living here and various things and last night someone inspired me.

I told this young lady who works at Vino in Wellington that “I don’t normally like short hair on girls, but it looks good on you.” She proceeded to tell me that I’m a misogynist.

I’m sorry, but did the meaning of that word change?

Screenshot 2013-11-19 11.06.22

Nope, still means the same thing. Anyone who knows me, knows I’m not a misogynist; if anything I’m a philogynist. Perhaps on my next visit I should leave a dictionary with those words highlighted for her.